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Athletics Merit Badge Update

Scouts, by next week, August 20, 2013, you will need to have your Athletics Merit Badge Workbook and a pencil. We will be continuing with the Merit Badge. Please come prepared with a set of sport shorts, Class B or scouting related t-shirt, athletic shoes, and a bottle of water along with your Class A and appropriate pants for the meeting. NO sport shorts are allowed during the meeting, only when participating in athletic events. If you have any questions please email the SPL here.

Athletics Merit Badge

Scouts come prepared with your Athletics Merit Badge Worksheets. We will be reviewing the first two parts. Also, those scouts participating in the Aviation Merit Badge come required with your needed materials.

Aviation Merit Badge

ASL Vance Drenkhan will be leading eligible scouts through the aviation merit badge, follow this link for a Downloadable Aviation Flyer. Scout leader Drenkhan is a former Air Force pilot and5657970_orig graduate of the United States Air Force Academy so this is an excellent and unique opportunity to gain first-hand accounts of what the field of aviation is about.


Bring Back the Mustache?


Should Scoutmaster Fields bring back the stache? What do you think of this new look?

Upcoming Events Correction

Attention parents and scouts. Events that were previously posted on the calendar are incorrect. The car camping trip and planning meetings that preluded the trip have now been postponed. The events for those days will be determined on Tuesday, July 23. If there are any questions please email the Troop Webmaster.

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